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Elizabeth Ivey is a mixed media artist, owner of Versatilities Abstract Art, and Asheville, North Carolina native who specializes in 3D fabric collage. Her unique artistic style revolves around themes of black life, love, and spirituality. With over 20 years of experience, Elizabeth has honed her craft as a self-taught artist, mastering a sophisticated skill set working with textiles.

What sets Elizabeth's artwork apart is her freehand approach to creating each piece. She does not use patterns or die cutting, allowing her to create truly original and organic compositions.

Starting with unused fabric, Elizabeth transforms these materials into aesthetically beautiful and thought-provoking art pieces.

Her artwork is characterized by its three-dimensional nature, achieved through the layering and manipulation of fabric. Elizabeth's collages are meticulously crafted, with intricate details and textures that bring her subjects to life. Her pieces evoke a sense of timelessness and capture the essence of black life, love, and spirituality.

Elizabeth Ivey's artwork serves as a medium of expression, conveying powerful messages and narratives through the use of fabric. Her creative process involves selecting and cutting fabric pieces by hand, arranging them in unique compositions, and meticulously layering them to create depth and dimension. The end result is a collection of one-of-a-kind art pieces that showcase her innovative and evocative style.

Elizabeth's work has garnered recognition and admiration from art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Her ability to transform ordinary fabric into captivating works of art demonstrates her artistic vision and talent. Whether through exhibitions, galleries, or other platforms, Elizabeth Ivey's artwork offers a compelling exploration of human existence, its meaning, and purpose leaving a lasting impression on those who experience her creations.


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